The future of food through bioconversion

Commercializing precision fermentation and bioconversion techniques to tailor foods and beverages for your specific biome.

Innovating every step of the lifecycle

Starting with beverages, we're building a modern tech stack to create nutrition that changes your body through your gut biome. Our fully automated bioreactor infrastructure will control every step of the bioconversion process, achieving research-validated, gut-interacting, live culture profiles in delicious, joyful beverages and foods.

A full-service bioconversion solution partner

Our approach, systems and hardware generalize to a broad range of industries. Collaborate with us on:

Products as living systems

Reimagine your next food or industrial material as an integrated service.

Adaptive hardware

Bioreactors, sensors and process hardware to kick start your next project.

Controls software

An open and extensible platform that removes the risk of lock-in for your lab.

Last-mile innovations

Upcycling and edge-distributed production for net-negative offerings.

Learning and automation

AI-empowered stacks to accelerate development and simplify scaling.

Cultural conservation

Grow your business while preserving and celebrating regional traditions.

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